Lynn LeTourneau - Bell Arts Factory, Studio 84 - 432 Ventura Ave., Ventura, CA 93001

2008 Atelier 809 Painting Classes with Jill Sattler, Santa Barbara, CA
2004-07 Adult Education, S.B City College, Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking/Monotypes, Figurative Sculpture Santa Barbara, CA
200-02 Bela Basci Art Studio-Figurative Sculpture, Santa Barbara, CA
1990-94 Fort Mason Center, Figurative Sculpture, San Francisco, CA 1983-84
1983-84 Antioch University West, B.A., Psychology and Hindu Studies, San Francisco, CA 1968-69
1968-69 Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston, MA 1964-67
1964-67 Arts Students League, NYC

Gallery Representation
2013 - Studio 26 Gallery, NYC
2012 -, Laguna Art Group, Laguna Beach, CA
2011 - Trevisan International, Bologna, Italy
2012 Gallery 104, San Clemente, CA
2010-11 Artist Alley, San Francisco, CA

Recent Selected Juried Exhibitions
2014 LA Art Show, LA, Studio 26 Gallery, NYC
2014 Beyond your Wildest Dreams, Gallery 113, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 Coastal Community Cancer Center, Ventura CA
2014 Voices, Abstract Art Collective, Jewish Community Center, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 Casa Gallery, CASA Magazine, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 College of Law Holiday Group Show, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 Nativa Interiors, Solana Beach, CA
2014 Laguna Art Group juried Artwalk Show, Laguna Beach, CA
2013 New York Art Expo, Studio 26 Gallery, NYC
2013 Affordable Art Fair, Studio 26 Gallery, NYC
2013 Studio 26 Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
2013 Trevisan International, San Valentine, Vico del Gargano, Italy
2012 Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara, CA
2012 Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, International Contemporary Masters, LV, NV
2012 Trevisan International, Estense Castle, Liberated Dreams, Ferrara, Italy
2012 Gallerie de Marchi, Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy
2011 Barak-Art Exhibition Salon, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
2011 Ideal, Provincial Cultural Centre, Venado Tuerdo, Santa Fe, Argentina
2011 Museum of the Americas, Contemporary International Art IV, Miami, FL
2011 Tool Room Gallery, en Rojo, Ventura, CA
2011 855 Arts Center, In the Abstract, Carpinteria, CA
2011 Vita Art Center, Women and Strength, Ventura, CA
2011 Sylvia White Gallery, Be a Saint, Ventura, CA
2010 Santa Clarita City Hall, Why Abstract?, Santa Clarita, CA
2009-11 Gallery at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Spring, Summer, Fall, Ventura, CA
2009 Santa Barbara Art Association, Abstract Show, Santa Barbara. CA
2008 Santa Barbara Printmakers, Annual Juried Show, Santa Barbara, CA
2008 The Frameworks Caruso-Woods Contemporary Art Gallery, Buddha Abides, Santa Barbara, CA
2007, 10 Artist Union Gallery, Erotic Show, Ventura, CA
2006 Festival of Art and Jazz, S.B. Arts Association, Santa Barbara, CA
2006 County Government Center Juried Competition, Ventura CA
2006 Mixed-Media Art Show + Auction, Santa Barbara, CA

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Ventura College, Abstract Show with Andrea Vargas, Santa Paula, CA
2011 Elements Restaurant, Solo Show, Santa Barbara, CA
2007 Sea Breeze Art Gallery, Regeneration, Ventura, CA
2006 Sea Breeze Art Gallery, Essence Artworks, Ventura, CA
2006 Allegory, Essence of Woman, with Lynn Creighton, Ventura, CA

Recent Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 The Arts Fund Gallery, Feast Your Eyes Fundraiser, Santa Barbara, CA
2014 Bell Arts ArtWalk Festival, Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, CA
2011, 10, 09 Ojai Center for the Arts, Santa Barbara Printmakers Members Only Show, Ventura, CA
2011, 12 Vita Art Center Gallery, Anonymous Fund-raiser, Ventura, CA
2011, 12 Artists Alley, San Francisco, CA
2010, 12 Ojai Art Detour, Ojai, CA
2009 Ojai Center for the Arts, Santa Barbara Printmakers Exhibition, Ojai, CA
2009 Discovery Gallery, Inkspots of San Buenaventura, Ventura, CA
2009 Gallery 255, Inkspots Member Show – Off the Plate, Ventura, CA
2008 Gallery 1029, Seven Secrets by Atelier 809, Santa Barbara, CA
2006-11 Artist Union Gallery, Ventura, CA
2006 Santa Barbara Art Association, Gallery 113 Santa Barbara, CA
2005-12 Ventura ArtWalks, Ventura, CA
2001-05 Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild, Santa Barbara, CA

2013 Important World Artists, Volume 1, World Wide Art Books
2013 Energia Creativa, Trevisan International
2013 Trevisan International, San Valentine Catalogue
2013 The Artist Book, ShowArtists Publication
2013 International Contemporary Masters Volume VII, World Wide Art Books
2012 RivierArt Magazine, Trevisan International Art, Liberated Dreams, Switzerland
2012 International Contemporary Masters Volume VI, World Wide Art Books
2012 Trevisan International Little Treasures Catalogue
2011 Trevisan International Liberated Dreams Catalogue
2011 International Contemporary Masters Volume V, World Wide Art Books
2009 Ventura Spring Art Walk pamphlet, Magical Landscape, oil on canvas, on cover
2007 Ventura County Star, Regeneration Show interview, Ventura, CA
2006 Artist Union Gallery, Newsletter, interview, Ventura, CA
2005 Ventura County Star, article on Sea Breeze Art Gallery

2013 Abstract Art Collective, Santa Barbara, CA
2010 - Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, CA
2010-11 Artists Alley, San Francisco, CA
2006-10 Artist Union Gallery, Membership Committee Chair, Ventura, CA
2005-09 Sea Breeze Art Gallery, Ventura, CA
2005- Ventura County Potters’ Guild
1999-05 The Santa Barbara Sculptors Guild, Santa Barbara, CA
Chair of Programs Committee, 2001-2002
1997-99 The Clay Studio, San Francisco, CA
1995-99 San Francisco Women’s Art Gallery, Artist Council 1998-99
1995-00 San Francisco Sculptors Co-op, San Francisco, CA

NYC, Santa Barbara, San Francisco Bay area, Laguna Beach, Ventura

Related Work Experience/Professional Experience
2015 Judge, Westlake Village Art Guild, Open Juried Show
2004 Art In Motion After School Program/Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Housing Authority
2002-03 Work Training Programs, Art Club, Santa Barbara, CA
1999 Sculptor for the independent movie "In the Wake, written and directed by Erica Jordan, San Francisco, CA

About Lynn LeTourneau

 Lynn LeTourneau

Lynn LeTourneau

Artist Statement

Painting abstractly allows the power of the unconscious to emerge. In this soul/process of discovery, cellular memories and inner landscapes appear and I rely on my intuition, body and instincts to guide me. This deep desire to paint kinesthetically activating and displaying inner worlds onto the canvas is a magical,  alchemical process.

We each  co-create our own reality and painting abstractly is exactly that.
A sacred creation where one can align and express one's consciousness.

"Popcorn" was a revelation, my personal galaxy self-actualizing like popcorn popping.  "Angel Wing" expresses the dynamic experience of a wing opening - ready to fly, to soar over our personal worlds and witness a more comprehensive view.

These paintings are reflections that mirror our commonality.  Harmonic, playful, emotional and contextual interplays of color begin to demonstrate the infinite stream of information in the abstract universe of paint and canvas.



A New York City native, Lynn LeTourneau studied at the Art Students League and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.  In 1999. Lynn moved to the central coast.  New beginnings inspired her desire to express herself with paint on canvas.  Her paintings are abstract, energetic and colorful diving into the essence of life.

She has exhibited in museums and galleries here in the USA as well as throughout Argentina and Italy.  Her artwork has been selected for several publications published by World Wide Art Books, Trevisan International and RivierArt magazine.

Lynn LeTourneau is represented by Studio 26 Gallery - based in NYC that exhibits at world-class art fairs and venues and Trevisan International - an art community shown in galleries, museums and catalogues.

In 2014, represented by Studio 26, Ms. LeTourneau showed her paintings at the LA Art Show, and in 2013, at the Art Expo NY, Affordable Art Fair and with Studio 26 Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC.

She is a juried member of the Santa Barbara Abstract Art Collective,  the Santa Barbara Printmakers and the Santa Barbara Art Association.

Ms. LeTourneau paints at her studio at the Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, California.  Her work can be found in galleries along the California Coast and is enjoyed by many collectors.

Art Review by Paola Trevisan, Trevisan International Art

Lynn Le Tourneau’s paintings are filled with an element of magnetism and color that is not confined by the two-dimensional nature of the canvas, and produces works with great communicative power: they are the result of her freely surrendering and being guided by intuitions that come from her unconscious mind but also from her irrepressible desire to look deeply into her own soul.  Perhaps it is the art itself that suggests this unconfined reflection?  The artist wants to discover sensations, feelings, hazy or forgotten memories buried or hidden in the innermost recesses of her inner world.  And so images, scenes and traces of memory emerge from her subconscious via this introspective route, and are effectivey delivered on to the canvas by vibrant abstractions, full of color and gestural expressiveness.

The artist pursues a constant innovative and experimental search under the influence of the impulses that she also receives from the irrestible draw of nature.  Immersed in her vital energy, in its charm, and at the same time, in her own inner imagination, she  gives us unique works of intense lyricism held in a moment of eternity.  Vivid interplay of light penetrates through the vibrant, formal compositions of color to display the different washes of paint: the use of sharp gestural expressiveness accentuates the harmonious, shifting effects of light, making the resultant picture fascinating and captivating.  Her works, saturated in color, capture the intense rhythm and subtle balance created by the skillful, decisive hand of the artist: in a clearly perceptible arrangement that reveals the inner, deeper accord, it produces paintings full of dynamism and nuance.

The artist feels totally at ease ranging across the palette of differnet tones that stand out and interact in her paintings: from the strong, bold shades of red, yellow, blue and orange to the paler and more delicate hues.

In the work of Lynn Le Tourneau the emotional value responds not only to the purely pictorial needs but also those of communication: it leads to a profound, refined abstractionism where spirituality, the sublime and perception are intertwined to encounter our senses by merging into an inviting melody.