Half of the US is devastated and half happy about the President elect.

A perfect storm of enough discontent in our country to create a bitter and tough election. I find myself wanting to paint deep reds with hopeful blue and pink streaks within it.  Yearnings displayed almost like ribs expanding and contracting with deep full breaths.  Find my connection to my Essence, find an understanding of where consciousness is taking us?  Is there a deeper Divine Wisdom behind this present political climate?  How do I stay connected to my truth, heart and soul and not feel against what is occurring?  Can I make peace with all of this?  It takes some time yet I understand I need to take a stand and help my country out the best way I can.  Will that be through my art classes? We all want to feel liberated and the class Creative Freedom is a stepping stone for that.  When we are connected to our Mother Earth and our Creative Source within us we can grow fully into ourselves without fear, doubt and confusion.  This takes practice, and is hopefully fun!  Encouraging joy of self-expression is a great way to understanding how to be in one's power.  When that happens, the capacity to discern what is best for ourselves and our country clarifies!  I am getting in touch this is the best way I can help right now.  Love to all.